Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fabulous Trip to Tuscany

Cortona Vista, 12 x 9

This is one of many studies I started during our amazing trip to Tuscany 2 weeks ago.  My fellow painters were a congenial and delightful group - we just had so much fun!  Below is a shot of Kathy Bowman and Georgia McAuley setting up their easels at this spot on our last, rather overcast day.

Here is a shot of the whole group - our first night at the Villa di Piazzano, in the bar, of course, before dinner!

Left to right, back row:  Vickie Stallings, Georgia McAuley, Kathy Bowman, Nancy Armstrong
Then, in front: Me, Wendy Jackson, and Jean Dortch -- all good painters and great traveling friends.

Below are a few shots of the girls painting at the Villa, and some of their work.  I have so far only received images from 2 people, but you'll see a shot of their paintings on the grass from the first day.

Wendy Jackson, a study in Focus!

Georgia McAuley, modeling her black scrubs!

First morning's efforts - is that Tuscany or what?

Nancy Armstrong, love the hat!

Jean Dortch, the style setter, looking so arty with her EasyL Box!

Vicki Stallings, our shopping leader: "Don't Leave Me!"

Kathy Bowman, the Chef and Foodie!

We are off to Alaska to see the kids on Thursday, but I shall post again prior to departure, with some new work and some thoughts, and of course, some Italian paintings by the girls.  Buona notte...

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  1. Hi Nancy,
    At first I looked at the girls, and decided, it's a good thing I didn't go. All of you looked like you were at the White House for lunch. Then I looked at the rest of the pictures, and thought...what a really wonderful group...An interesting, creative, wonderful group. Wish I could have gone.