Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Small Works, Lots of Pears

Just You, 8 x 8

Perfect Pair, 12 x 16

Ya Gotta Have Heart,  6 x 12

Well, I used the same table, same light, same pears (comice pears, which I really like), yet different backgrounds, thus creating different takes on a VERY familiar subject.  I have to say I enjoy very much doing the little or two a day, before or after other things; they have an immediacy which I would love to be able to achieve in larger pieces.  I am taking these little ones mostly to Huff Harrington Fine Art, my wonderful gallery here in Atlanta;  these smalls are fun and affordable, and therefore are selling prior to the Little Jewels show (opening Nov. 27th) for which they are/were intended.   That is fine/great with me, and I can get lots of good practice doing a few more...Meanwhile, I just adore the Huffingtons  - see their blog at


  1. Nancy, These are charming. I especially like the first one, so delicate. Do you ever sell on line?

  2. Hi Carol -

    Thanks for your kind comments over time -- No, I haven't sold on line as yet. Almost everything I do goes through Huff Harrington, though I might try to sell some of my very smalls when I figure it out!

  3. Love the pastel shading and delicacy of "Just You"! Wonderful little gems Nancy.
    Good luck with your show.