Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Off to the Beach

On Her Way, 20 x 16

Well, I am leaving today to visit with my friend at her home on the Georgia coast...yay! The painting above is a sketch of my granddaughter, Sarah, from a photo taken last year.  She was "on her way" to get more coloring supplies!  I thought it a timely title after teaching a great workshop over the weekend; the painters are "on the way" to a bit more freedom and expression and I'm "on the way" to Sea Island! Sixteen ladies (and two more for the demos) joined me each day to paint in a workshop sponsored by Donna Thomas, of the Art School in Sandy Springs, here in Atlanta.

What a great group!  And good work they did too...it was an uplifting experience for me to be with others on this quest to find our intuitive selves and to see what's before us a bit better.  I will post some group photos and other photos soon.  Meanwhile, I just received a blog post from participant Kathy Cousart (www.kathycousart.blogspot.com), featuring a nice painting she completed in class on Sunday.

More to follow on the workshop and dates for future workshops.  Bye for now!

Roses with Lemon, Kathy Cousart (from Athens, GA)


  1. Très jolie peinture que celle de votre chère Sarah... Elle est remplie d'amour... et si délicate... Bisous

  2. Nancy,
    Wonderful job on Sarah in "On her way". Your paintings of children are my favorite style- gentle and have a soft innocence, and very well done.
    And now you are on your way to my favorite place in the world, SSI/Sea Island! You can wind down and refresh after giving all of us your all for the workshop. Thanks again for an amazing experience. You were sweet to mention me on your blog- thanks for that also:) Have fun!