Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 Quick Demo of Sarah, 16 x 12

Preliminary sketch, done for placement and understanding of the pose

Two days ago, I taught a one-day workshop on painting studies of children from photographs -- it was great fun, and the participants really rocked some nice paintings.  Look below to see some Funday, Sunday art!   (Excuse some of my poor photos, made on the fly)...

by Jacki Newell

by Martha Elder

by Carol Carmichael
 (check out her blog on our workshop day at www.carolcarmichaelpaints.com/)

by Berthe Mobasser

by Leslie Line

by Kathy Bowman

by Christine Bray

by Joann Richardson

by Elizabeth Lines

I am posting from Colorado, where the OPA National Exhibit opens this weekend at Evergreen Gallery of Fine Art in Evergreen, outside Denver.  Several people have asked to see the painting of mine that was accepted, which is below.  I can't wait to see all of the art, all of the people, and most of all, to attend a demo by Quang Ho (this year's judge) on Friday morning.  YAY!  Lots of fun...

Tulips in Mercury Glass, 18 x 14


  1. Une très belle publication... J'aime voir le dessin avant la peinture...
    J'ai pu admirer sur le blog de Carol son merveilleux travail et son enthousiasme à participer à cet atelier.

    Bravo à tous !

    Je vous souhaite une très belle première journée d'été... gros bisous à vous.

  2. Merci, Martine...j'aime beaucoup vos comments et votre enthousiasme!

  3. Love all the postings by your students...so inspirational! I am sure the OPA show will be great...congrats on participating...love the piece that was accepted.

  4. Funday looks like it was a blast- love your paintings and all your students- what a wonderful day for art. Tulips in Mercury Glass is beautiful and I just love it. Congrats friend and have a blast at OPA. Can't wait to hear about Quang's demo!! Lucky you!!

  5. Thanks for posting your beautiful OPA piece. So lovely! Good luck and have fun!
    Your workshop was so fun and inspirational. You are right up my alley . Your thoughts and teachings are in my head and think it is going to make a great difference in my painting.

  6. What beautiful paintings from your workshop. I have heard so many positives about you as a person and art instructor from my dear artist friends.
    Anxious to see your OPA painting, Tulips in Mercury Glass at the OPA show in Evergreen Colorado. Hope I will get the chance to meet you there.

  7. HI Karen,

    I'll be looking for you -- thanks for this nice comment!

  8. Congratulations on getting in the show, Nancy! I hope you have a wonderful trip!

    I hope to take the upcoming one-day workshop and hope you'll do more. Your work is just beautiful!

  9. Truely a wonderful painting. Just love the work you do!

  10. Nancy nice to meet you at the OPA show. Your painting in the exhibit just glows! Would love to be on your workshop list! Thanks.

  11. These are all wonderful and I see your influence, one of these days I WILL get to one of your workshops. Have a great time in Colorado.