Monday, June 2, 2014


You Honor Me, 30 x 30 
A tribute to my art friends and fellow painters

Yes, synergy!  I have been enjoying conversations and critiques with some very talented painting friends in the Atlanta area, and am finding the sharing helps us each to be more.
Synergy is so much more rewarding than split energy -- i.e. doubting oneself, over-analyzing one's own work, trying to produce rather than to create.   
My workshops are great for synergy too -- we all lift each other, joining forces to get excited again, finding the freedom in the stream of positive sharing.

So, get with a few (serious, dedicated) painters who like to have fun, and watch what happens!

Very simple set up

 Bonjour, 36 x 36, first (kinda boring) finish

Bonjour (same painting, perked up), 36 x 36
I gave it some new life, thanks to synergy and great art discussions!

It comes back to dancing that line between joy and skill -- we want to stay fresh and engaged through our connections to others; the FUN is what it's about.

A designed beauty of synergy is that is serves only to add, never subtract." 
 Barb Rentenbach


  1. So beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Sue... I appreciate your comment!

  3. Beautiful paintings Nancy and love the post. Always enjoyed our conversations about creating and painting versus are spot on! The joy in painting with "like minded" artist friends is so very the quote! Miss you and hope to see you soon! Take care Friend!!

  4. Your art is an inspiration to me. I visit your blog often. One day I hope to take your workshop about painting children. I love the way you capture those innocent moments, something I keep trying to achieve. Thank you