Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Small Works Time, Etc!

Below are some recent small pieces, done as demos, or for fun, or for Small Works Season, now upon us!  I enjoy doing small studies, yet find even the simplest subjects are often challenging, and also great exercises in refining, paring down, adding and subtracting, all of it!  

30 Minute Class Demo, Nashville Workshop
16 x 8

30 Minute Class Demo, Atlanta Workshop
16 x 8

Little One, 22 x 16

Popsicle, 14 x 11

Subtle Patterns, 9 x 12

Simplicity, 12 x 9

So Many Thanks, 16 x 12

Windowsill, 8 x 16

Provencal Village, 14 x 11

Dianne's Roses, 12 x 12

SO glad to be home, with some painting time, family time, and cool weather.  The quest to become a better painter informs each day in so many ways... and I'm ever appreciative of the people who join me on this amazing path!


  1. Bonjour,

    C'est un pur bonheur que d'admirer l'ensemble de toutes ces oeuvres qui ont toutes une belle écriture, sensibilité, délicatesse, authenticité, fraîcheur...

    Gros bisous ☼

  2. Lovely-lovely post. The many painting are wonderful.

  3. Dear Martine and Ruth --
    How nice to read your positive comments first thing this morning. Thanks
    for taking the time to send them along!
    As Martine says, "Gros Bisous!"

  4. Thanks for taking the time too post these wonderful paintings! A great variety of subject matter. Always brightens my day to see Nancy paintings!