Monday, May 10, 2010

Everyday Things

Where's My Purse, 9 x 12

My soft leather yellow bag, which I was ready to recycle, caught my eye last week, and I decided to paint it for a (slightly longer) warm up... I love the way the light caught the near side of this purse, and the slouchy "attitude" of the thing.  Meanwhile, I spent 2 hours today trying to catch the somewhat slumping "attitude" of a rose, that I loved observing, and could not quite catch.  I did the rest of the small  painting, and hope to finally communicate with paint the wonderful "pose of the rose" tomorrow.  I'll post when done!


  1. Hi Nancy,
    Love your subject matter - Everyday Things. So much beauty in simplistic objects. Handled the warm colors well. Looks like your purse is well loved.

  2. What an absolutely interesting idea. Who would have ever thought!
    I love it!