Friday, May 7, 2010

Julep Cup

Julep Cup, 8 x 8

I painted a little julep cup on Sunday for a warm-up, inspired by the Kentucky Derby I guess!  I've been painting outside this week... I began 2 floral set ups en plein air yesterday -- caught the light effect on each and laid them in...hope to finish today.  Also, I've been working on several other paintings, trying to figure out what is needed, and doing smalls in between.  As I preach in my workshops, it's good to do
a quick alla prima exercise each day --  a small 20 - 30 minute study of anything -- a pear, a box, etc.  In fact, this morning I painted my yellow purse.  Until recently, I had not been doing many of these, and decided I need to follow my own advice (duh!), to loosen up before I work on larger pieces.  

By Sunday, I should have some paintings finished and will post some new work.  Below is a picture of my easel out on the front deck; we have a waterfall out there, and the atmosphere is great.  I dragged a large easel outside so I could work on 20 x 20 linen panels (from New Traditions - - I love them).  Bye for now!


  1. Hi Nancy, The lighting on this mint julep painting is exquisite. You have really inspired me. I was planning on going out today, just to fool I want to paint. M

  2. I love the overall palette and the brushwork -