Monday, November 7, 2011

Positive Vibes

Rose Meditation, 6 x 6

Yesterday, I taught a one-day workshop at Huff Harrington, with THE nicest group of painters, many of whom are friends from past classes, along with some new and fun additions!  It was a high-energy, fast-paced practice session, using a limited palette, doing 3 - 6 studies from simple set-ups of fruit, crockery, flowers.  One gal did SIX paintings, working in between 3 brief demos and lunch : )

We talked about the importance of shorthand -- i.e. less strokes, more paint, shape rather than detail. We tried to remember to look more, paint less.  We talked about giving up our investment in each painting "turning out." Maybe because of that, so many paintings done yesterday were strong, colorful and free-- I'll post some images next time!  


  1. Sounds like a fab workshop, Nancy. I know my sweet friend, Kathy Cousart was looking forward to the workshop. And... I am looking forward to see in you in Chattanooga in March! Can't excited! Best. Judy :)

  2. Judy -- Great to hear from you, see you before we know it !

  3. Sounds like a fun time! Can't wait for Chattanooga myself! Would love to see some of the work from the students!

  4. The one day at Huff Harrington with you was wonderful. You gave a great description of what we all were focusing on from your teaching! It was amazing to just break it down to simple strong design and shapes and we all had a blast. Always love your positive vibe and energy and just love your paintings. The Rose Meditation painting above it beautiful! Thanks so much for just giving your all each time. We are lucky:)