Monday, March 18, 2013

It's About the Butter

After the Rain, 12 x 12

Well, it IS!  We have been in Paris for a little over 2 weeks, enjoying all of everything on our one-month holiday here.  Not a bad bite of food yet, and I have really gotten into the swing of things, in many ways, but especially dining.  Even for breakfast, the creamy French butter is so nice on a piece of my favorite type of baguette, called "baguette aux cereales," which has lots of seeds and things.  And then there is the petite sandwich, which always has butter and jambon with fromage, etc.  Later on, at le diner, usually most dishes are cooked in, sauced with, and taste so good because of:  butter!   It's been said that oil paint is like colored butter, though the few studies I've posted here look like I might have just used butter itself, as pale yellow predominates!

Cler Fleurs, 11 x 7

I am enjoying my mini Coulter easel, as it sets up quickly in our tiny apartment.  The apartment seems larger, though, since it has a huge north window, high ceilings, lots of mirrors, and best of all, just a wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower, all sparkly at night!  La vie est belle....

Getting Ready to Paint

Night Time Magic


  1. France agrees with you...I love "After the Rain" and think it's one of your strongest paintings! Beautiful loose confident brushwork and just a yummy palette. The reflections are handled just so sensitively. A favorite for sure! Cler Fleurs also has wonderful loose strokes and rich soft colors! Love seeing you in front of the North window...Y'all are living the life! So happy for you and M!

  2. Both paintings are beautiful...they look good enough to eat. Your muted color palette is always so intriguing. I love looking at the paintings up close and seeing your brush strokes.

  3. Nancy, the paintings are magical.....just like Paris and full of that wonderful light, that always fills your paintings. Can't wait to see more.

  4. Beautiful work, Nancy! LOVE the paintings and also the photos you shared. Karen Beard (Chattanooga)

  5. Wonderful work, I'm enjoying your blog!