Thursday, March 28, 2013

Windows of Paris

Window Shopping, 10 x 7,
Oil on Arches Rough Paper

Oh, we have but two more nights in our little apartment.  Yes, it is time to go back home, and yes, we are ready, but...what an experience, just to live here for a month!  Walking walking all over Paris each day, swerving into all sorts of beautiful spots, getting drenched, wearing ski hats and mittens in a snowstorm, and warming on the sunny days.  We went to the Eugene Boudin Exhibit on Tuesday at an elegant musee which was the former home of M and Mme Jacquemart-Andre. It was a wonderful collection of Boudin's work (one of the first "plein air" artists, he painted with, and some say mentored, Monet).  His colors inspired me, especially the luminous skies.

Pecheuses sur la Plage, 
1881, 10 x 15

1891, 11 x 9

Speaking of luminous, look at this gorgeous little painting below which I spotted in a Parisian gallery window,  and check out the antique head sculpture in a nearby window as well...I find both to be so gentle and true.

Another window, a perfect little dress...

And a gallery window on Avenue Montaigne - check out that frame!

Speaking of fancy frames, look at these ornate ones,
spotted through the window of a purveyor in business since 1927:

 Here is a cool sculpture that we saw in a window in Honfleur,
which totally reminded me of a Sherrie McGraw painting I had seen online.

Maria, 12 x 15,
by Sherrie McGraw

Below is the Exhibition Poster on an outside wall of the Musee Marmottan, where we went to see the work of Marie Laurencin, a painter from the late 19th-early 20th century.   
 More fun for me to see were works on permanent display at the Marmottan:  late Monets, lots of paintings by Berthe Morisot, and a few Manet's as well.


 And right there, all by itself on a beautiful wall was this tiny piece... 
one of my all-time faves!

Berthe Morisot Reclining (1873), 10 x 13,
by Edouard Manet

I hate to put my work anywhere near these other paintings, but I am just including this as a farewell to Paris and all of the nice experiences and walks we have enjoyed.  We return to "real life," but to me this life has been more than real!  

Strolling, 14 x 11, 
Oil on Linen Board

Packing up my little paintings today:


This is how I have felt each day here...
Au revoir, Paris


  1. Loved seeing a peek into your Window of Paris and you did a fabulous job sharing the beauty of it. What a fun adventure and that you and Michael could share it made it even more special! I can't wait for Dave and I to go one day:) Your artwork is every bit as special and true as anything else I saw in your post. Travel safe back home Y'all!

  2. Nancy - thank you for sharing your Parisian adventure! I loved window shopping with you and, as always, your paintings are refreshing, moving, soothing, and inspiring. Hope your trip home is/was safe and that you have a gentle time easing back into life in the States! Hope to see you soon, girlfriend :)

  3. What a wonderful adventure to spend a month in Paris. Beautiful paintings. Thanks for sharing and letting us travel along with you.

  4. Your "Strolling" is LOVELY! Karen Beard