Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Life is but a dream...

Memories, 40 x 38, sold

Busy, fun times abound.  Last week, my exhibit at Huff Harrington Fine Art in Atlanta, called Franke, Foltz and Friends (featuring the wonderful painter Doug Foltz, along with me and other gallery artists) opened on Thursday, April 25th.  Lots of my painting buddies and friends attended - I was truly uplifted by the vibe of it all.  And, I must say once again that I so totally appreciate the value of a good and supportive gallery, personified by Ann, Linda, Meg and Sam who help me in all ways at Huff Harrington.  Their enthusiasm, kind comments, hanging skills, along with honest critiques and praise keep me flying.  

More fun: the Portrait Society of America national convention, held this year in Atlanta, was last weekend too, so I attended on Friday the 26th - I was amazed by the fine paintings and the top artists, who did quick studies and demos for all to see.  To cap it off, I painted with some friends and fellow students on Sunday the 28th -- doing studies of children... in just a few days, so many amazing connections in this art life we share.  

 10 days ago: paintings stacking up outside my studio

Sing to Me, 24 x 24, Sold

Bright Morning, 12 x 12, Sold

Sun and Showers, Paris,  24 x 24

Follow Me, 30 x 24

Chez Huff Harrington last Thursday

Doug Foltz and Me

A beautiful painting by Doug

... and a beautiful time all around!


  1. Un merveilleux patchwork de vos oeuvres... Il est bon parfois de les voir réunis... Prêts à partir pour la fête.
    Je vous félicite aussi pour les ventes, bien méritées.
    Un gros bisou à vous.

  2. Congratulations on so many very nice things happening in your life. The gallery opening sounded wonderful and the convention must have been fabulous. Love your new paintings. You look great too.

  3. Delicadeza y sensibilidad. Precioso.

  4. "Memories" is my new favorite!!! Love it! Karen Beard

  5. Beautiful paintings! Best wishes on your gallery showing.

  6. Man, you are good! Love seeing these new beauties. I want to do another "painting children" workshop with you. So much fun . All the best with everything!!

  7. Love all the wonderful things happening to such a deserving hard working artist! Love all the new paintings with Memories being my favorite! Love the controlled and perfectly executed drips! Keep it going and hope to see you soon!

  8. Wow! You are an amazing artist with extreme talent! Keep up the amazing work!!!

  9. Thank you all for these nice comments - I love this art community!