Monday, October 5, 2015

Fields of Gold

"You can tell the sun in his jealous sky,
when we walked in fields of gold,"
from a song by Eva Cassidy

Last week, we were visiting Aspen, Colorado, and it is impossible to describe, or to even capture in a photo, the shimmering gold light shooting forth from the aspen trees and the flowers all around. What a magical and inspiring time to visit!   Eva Cassidy's song was playing on my iPhone and in my mind...

Oh to be able to create that magic on canvas... I am hoping to 
carry this inspiration forward!

It's the dark values that make these yellows sing
(Flowers near the Aspen Institute)

AND.. the complementary colors of the sky pop the yellow as well 

Softer, but so strong - love the pattern here
(Rio Grande Trail, on the Roaring Fork)

I shall carry these golden Aspen inspirations in my mind, as I go for bolder color in my work.

The pieces below are still in my high-key vibe, but I am feeling a change in the wind :-

  I have included them because they are at least inspired by golden light...

Beautiful Music, 24 x 30

Rainy Day Roses, 30 x 30

Sunshine of My Life, 40 x 30


  1. Lucky you getting to visit Colorado this time of year.Or...any time of year. Excited to hear of the new rumblings in your head. One of my favorite things about art is that there is no ceiling and no real limits to how we improve or change things up. Your pieces are so fresh and beautiful! You are an inspiration in every way and I feel blessed to call you a teacher and friend!

  2. Thank you, Carol! I guess our heads are always rumbling, non? It is so nice to hear from you and to see your strong work xoxo

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this.....