Monday, February 15, 2010

One Element

Blue Bowl now missing from new painting...finished piece to come!

After two days of painting on my new large piece, I am making progress toward the goal...sometimes, I dislike the process on large paintings, because alla prima is almost out of the question, unless I am really ON. Thus, I look, rearrange, etc. Today, I eliminated the cream pitcher in which the roses actually WERE, put them in a glass jar, repainted the lower portion, in which I had a blue Chinese bowl and leaves... Yikes! Attention to composition, real attention, could avoid these missteps. I loved the way I had painted the bowl, and hated to paint it out, but as Sherrie McGraw said at a workshop I attended in Scottsdale: " It is often necessary to destroy something good to achieve something better." I now realize that I should photograph these stages and then the final result. Something in me hates to be that exposed, but it is also good to get feedback, I know. I have no current followers to my blog, but when and if I get some, I will definitely add in-progress photos!


  1. I don't believe I would have the courage to paint out that beautiful bowl and reflection. I will be interested to see the final effect. How do you make so many changes and still keep your painting so fresh and free?

    I am going to mention your new blog in my post on Monday.