Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blogging is New to Me!

Fresh Start, 40 x 40, Oil on Canvas

Well, I thought I should start a blog, though I'm not totally sure why...I do enjoy other painter's blogs, so I will see how this turns out! I am teaching a workshop for 15 next weekend, and I am gathering my thoughts. This will be my 4th group of painters... I taught 3 workshops last year, through the Art School in Sandy Springs, here in Atlanta, Georgia. I find that I still get nervous, especially about the demonstration, but I have a bit more confidence since I've done it, to varying degrees of success, before. I have been painting today -- and as usual, I am liking some parts of the (large - i.e. 36 x 36) painting, and wondering about other elements. I really love the winter light in my small studio, which is even more brilliant since we had a rare snow here in Atlanta on Friday night. I will post an image of the painting on my easel when I finish. I am thinking I shall post paintings, some at the finish - some in-progress -- this blog concept will evolve as I go along.
Bye for now!

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  1. Really like the positioning of the small bowl with it's reflection. Such a glow! Nice palette too.