Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great Workshop

First Day Demo, 12 x 12

Well, last weekend's workshop was my largest one (15 students) to date. I loved the venue - spacious and well-lit,  just perfect for that size group. We had fun, and hopefully, all learned a few things as well. I always learn as much as the students - all of whom were terrific!  They also were ready at the rescue when, on the first day, I tripped over my own tripod, spilling the solvent, as the easel was slowly sliding to the floor. After that mishap, all flowed pretty smoothly... Above is a photo of the first day's demo of sunflowers, not totally completed, and below is a 5 minute apple study done on the second day. This afternoon I am going to do a small warm up painting, and then hopefully finish/resolve the large rose painting from last week.

Me in action --  paper towels at the ready, even when I'm talking!

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  1. Hey Nancy,
    Welcome to the blogging life. It'll be great to follow your life and work online. Your paintings have such a fresh, lively quality.