Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This is my sweet and wonderful granddaughter, Sarah, age 4.  Michael and I visited the kids in Orcas Island, WA last week, the reason for my absence.  We had the best time, and hiked to the beach on Saturday, with Sarah leading the way.  Below is a painting I did of her at age 2 1/2 at an Easter Egg Hunt here in Atlanta.  I like the composition on this small piece.

Bunny, 10 x 8, Oil on Board

Below is a nice study of Sarah done by my good friend, Kathy Wochele, who is just a wonderful painter here in Atlanta (in fact she lives right on my street); she has a special gift for portraits.  I was honored that she did this 12 x 9 painting for me.

Sarah, by Kathy Wochele

Sarah now has a little brother, Eli, who is 1, but I haven't painted him as yet...I look forward to beach scenes with the two of them (hopefully, one day)!  Meanwhile, we're back in Atlanta and I am back into the studio tomorrow.  I will do a few warm-ups to shake off the rust.

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