Friday, March 19, 2010


Spring Fever, 16 x 16

Well, today was the first nice, really nice day here in Atlanta in ages, warm and sunny; I should have ventured down to the river to paint, but I stayed in the studio, and painted some new flowers I bought yesterday.  I was discouraged with this, almost wiped it off, and then pulled it back to life by layering on yet thicker paint.  I have been in the mode of incorporating the little blue and white bowl lately; I love the shape and the colors and reflections.  Sometimes I think I need to hide some of my props from me so I don't keep using them as much!

My studio...set up (sort of)....


  1. You know what I love about the bowl? It could be anything really. To me it kind of looks like a clock or a radio.... Actually, I prefer to think of it as a radio playing some jazz... It's very cool. Don't hide the bowl :) Very happy to have found your blog :)

  2. I looooooooooooove the way you rendered the glass vase and admired the way you hung in there without giving up. This is lovely.

  3. Nancy,
    Your granddaughter is darling! So glad you had a great trip! I do want to get together for lunch after spring break. I will email you! Your work is terrific and I LOVE the blog! You are the best! Keep it coming!