Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Preening, 20 x 20

This painting was done a few months back, but I am looking at it and thinking that it would be fun to paint something reflective today... I love playing with these mercury glass bottles in my collection of props, and I recently bought some new silvery vases that might be interesting to try.  As I tell the painters in my workshops, there isn't a special secret to painting silver,  just paint what you are seeing, and it starts looking shiny!  I'll see if that happens today.  It is good to be back home and in the studio after our brief trip to New Orleans.  


  1. Nancy, we all love your little blog. And, it's no wonder that this gorgeous little jewel didn't last long at the gallery.
    Happy painting...
    Your adoring fans at Huff Harrington

  2. How nice you are to comment.... we just returned ce soir from Texas, the Salon International Show, where, OMD, I won one of the main awards, as judged by Everett Raymond Kinstler, one of my heroes! It was an Award of Merit for Basking!! I am tres happy and full of neat insights from this major artist...