Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ease and Flow

Peared Up, 12 x 9

Lately, I have been painting a lot, re-working things, and generally being less than thrilled with the results, i.e. "ease and flow" have not been my companions of late!  Above is a small "warm up" study, done in 15 minutes, that I like better than three other pieces which I have been "over-thinking,"  (one example below).
I spoke with my painting friend, Bill Davidson, today about a plein air event, and told him I have been spending lots of time, resulting in not much, and he said "Uh oh, you're getting ready to grow!"  Well, I certainly hope that's the case - and that better times lie ahead! 

French Bottles, 30 x 20

On a positive note, I taught a FUN workshop last Sunday, my first at Huff Harrington Fine Art.  The gallery setting was lovely, with French music piping through the rooms - and sunshine beaming in the windows.  It was a great group of painters--who did 3 paintings in about 3 hours, and seemed to enjoy it too.  Wish I had some photos of the proceedings, but I was running around so much, I forgot to take them.  


  1. Well... I like both of them, Nancy!

    The workshop sounds wonderful. Can't wait to take another one with you! I so enjoyed my time with you in Atlanta recently!! '-)

  2. I love the delicacy of your work. Your paintings are so quiet, yet so alive, and always beautiful.

    Do you post your workshop schedule? I would love to come take some classes with you.

  3. I especially like the "pear". Lovely soft edges and colors.

  4. Hi Nancy,
    Lucky students at the workshop at HH! I am hoping to get in the June one. And fall ones for sure:)
    I love the peared up pear. Wonderful- you represent simple yet elegant! You say a lot with just a simple pear- beautiful. Really like the french bottles- reflections and shadows are gorgeous!
    I just know that those paintings you think are not good enough are still spectacular- If all that is a sign of growing, too!!
    Take care!

  5. Both are very beautiful! Love your calligraphic "touch."

  6. Lovely pear painting. Thank-you for sharing Bill's words. Things must be in the air for change.