Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things Are Looking Up

Ease and Flow, 24 x 24

Well, thank heavens, I am painting with more confidence lately, which is a good thing! I picked up some tulips at the flower market last Thursday, waited 2 days for them to fall (although if I want flowers NOT to fall, they promptly do so within one hour), and painted them over the weekend.  I also did another large piece and 2 smaller ones within the last few days. Below is a studio shot of the set-up for the red tulips:

I'm still liking light backgrounds, with traces of color and shimmer going on.  Now it's time to get outside and paint something different.   Some of my art friends and I have scheduled a few plein air outings during the past week or so, but we keep getting storm threats here in Atlanta...maybe next week!


  1. Beautifully painted tulips! I like your light backgrounds too! It has been stormy up here in Memphis for days now. We are so soggy!

  2. Beautiful Nancy! I painted some yellow tulips inspired by your style and had so much fun with them! They were actually the centerpiece of a dinner party table I went to and I asked the hostess when I left if I could take them to paint! Luckily, she is a good friend and didn't think I was weird! haha! I am going to give the painting to her so she is excited about that. Can't wait to see what you paint outside!

  3. Stunning!! You make such a statement with a vase of tulips- beautiful and elegant. Love the background colors and you are simply the best glass vase painter with stems that I know. Glad you painted quite a few keepers:) I look forward to seeing them. Really enjoyed seeing your set up.
    Hope you get to Plein Air paint soon- take care!!

  4. I came upon your blog today...your paintings are beautiful.

    I noticed you had a Goerschner painting. Isn't it funny, I just returned from delivering frames to him. He is such a sweetheart!


  5. This has a wonderful abstract quality to it!!! Lovely color as usual, Nancy!!! I love the feel of the fall...

  6. The light background is nice! Love this painting.