Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just Home from Alaska

Waterview, Sitka

We returned 2 days ago from a weeklong visit to see the kids, and we had a delightful time... it is always uplifting to get outside my world and art thoughts and see through the eyes of a 2 and 5 -year old.  I took some amazing photos for painting, and of the kids, and just spent timing BE-ing instead of DO-ing, which is a good thing! 

Since I have paintings in progress, but nothing new as yet photographed, below are a few pieces I overlooked when showing my "collection" last month.

Paintings at My House, Part Deux....

Scott Burdick, studio study, which is in MY studio!

Sherrie McGraw drawing, also residing in my studio.

And here is a Sherrie McGraw painting demo, purchased at a workshop in Scottsdale, circa 2003.

Top painting is a Kevin MacPherson study done in Ireland, which I bought about 9 years ago.

Serigraph by Marco Sassone, which has been in my home since 1987!

And last, not least, is a small abstract by Michelle Lisenby, purchased at Huff Harrington 4 years ago... which I still love!


  1. Welcome home. I know you are all inspired and ready to go with the one day workshop at HH! Wish I was going to be there. I loved seeing what other pieces of artwork have inspired you and have special meaning. I have my special Nancy Franke right where I can see it and love it daily:)
    Take care and look forward to seeing your new things.

  2. Wow, Nancy. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I too love seeing these paintings by some of the masters that you have collected over the years! Thanks for sharing them. I just returned from a workshop with Jennifer McChristian at the Scottsdale Artist School. It was wonderful!
    I look forward to another two or three day workshop with you. You inspire me and your love of painting and enthusiasm for life is infectious! I have added you to my "favorite blog list" so that I can keep up with you. You are a favorite!! All the best....Judy

  3. C'est un agréable partage que de nous montrer les oeuvres que vous affectionnez...
    Personnellement aussi j'ai toujours énormément de plaisir à admirer les toiles que j'ai achetées au cours de ma vie. Même si je ne m'arrête pas chaque fois que je passe devant chacune d'elles, elles sont là et leur énergie m'apporte du bonheur.
    Je vous souhaite un excellent retour...
    gros bisous

  4. Glad you had a wonderful trip and visit with the kids! That is always a good thing! I also love seeing your art in your home and you have some wonderful pieces! I also can't wait for another workshop with you for the same reasons Judy said in her comment!

  5. So glad to see your post. I keep lurking to see if you post another painting. Can't wait. I love your beautiful work!