Monday, December 26, 2011

Top Ten

Well, it is that time (i.e., the end) of the year, when we are deluged with top 10's on movies, restaurant openings, books, etc.  So, why not add to the fray?  I'm posting my top ten "whoa" moments when I discovered certain paintings.  They follow in no particular order:  some are works by my friends, some by well-known painters, and some that I just swerved across on the internet. Enjoy this varied and interesting assortment!

Tom Balderas

Jacob Collins

Kathy Cousart

Neil Hollingsworth

Isabelle Melchior

Gavin Brooks

Juanita Kauffman

Zhaoming Wu

Bill Davidson

Evert Ploeg

Happy New Year !


  1. Un régal pour les yeux ! Nous montrez cette succession d'oeuvres d'artistes différents... tous très talentueux.
    gros bisous

  2. What a wonderful idea for a fun post. And, you were too sweet to put me in that batch of your top tens:) Loved seeing all your picks and they are all gorgeous in their own way. Happy end of the year and can't wait to see what 2012 brings!!

  3. Love your choices, and I was especially happy to see one by my good friend, Kathy Cousart.

  4. Loved seeing some favorites of mine and discovering some new favorites! What a great post and a great way to finish the year! Thanks so much for posting!

  5. Great post. Now I have to check out if a couple of these artists have sites. Thanks!

  6. Wonderful post and such good paintings. I had a problem and bleeped a few of my LINK artists on my site but am adding your blog now. I love it!!!!

  7. Thanks for the post Nancy....just stumbled on this today. Especially like the last portrait !! Evert