Saturday, July 17, 2010

Painting Group

Sketch of Leah, 12 x 9

My friend Yvonne Mendez has a really nice studio here in Atlanta, and she sometimes hires a model, calls a few painters, and hosts a 3- hour session.  I haven't done this in over a year, and I can tell!  Last Monday, we met at her studio, the model that was hired forgot the appointment, so Kathy Wochele's daughter, Leah, came to the rescue. My sketch is not much of a likeness, but there is a quality to it that I like.  It was my third attempt after a few wipeouts ... Luckily, there are 3 more sessions scheduled for this summer!  

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Postcards from Provence

Ooh La Lunch, 12 x 12

Well, I have been painting from photos this past 10 days, mining for scenes from France, and especially Provence, for the Bastille Day show and celebration at Huff Harrington Fine Art, here in Atlanta.  Not that I am central to this show of mostly French artists and work, but I have enjoyed doing some small "postcards" in the past, so I thought I'd do a few this year.  A week of travail -- I didn't have any images that captured my fancy, so I painted some that didn't, to poor results.  I then painted over 2 of them and I have 3 - 4 fairly decent ones now.  They are vastly helped by some lovely frames from my friend and artisan here in Atlanta, Munroe d'antignac.  Below are are couple of photos of other postcards in these new frames (sorry for the out of kilter shots).

Provencal Patterns, 12 x 12

Champagne Brunch, Provence, 12 x 12

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Evie, 20 x 16

Well, I finished and delivered the painting of Evie ( I had posted the initial sketch a month or so ago),  and promised to post the final result, so here she is.  I am so happy that her mother is very pleased with this study, always gratifying when doing a commission.  The mother is a beautiful writer, and expressed so well to me the feeling she wanted in the painting, which really helped!