Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Over the Airwaves - Good Vibes

Juicy Fruit, Shiny Bottle, 30 x 20

It's been very nice to be home this month:  I've had plenty of time to paint and to enjoy this amazing Atlanta spring and to just BE, rather than worrying about commitments.  I still have a few, but I've found the joy again; for me, that's what this painting journey is about.  YAY

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 29th, I am going to be interviewed on the radio, actually Blog Talk Radio, by fellow painters Leslie Saeta, from California, and Kathy Cousart, from Athens, GA, the hosts of "Artists Helping Artists." The show airs live at 12 noon eastern time, and can be accessed as follows:

Go to this link and listen to live streaming: link to go directly to the show is and this can be used anytime

I am going to try to talk slowly (my friends know what a challenge that is) and I will try to think before I speak (my husband Michael says that would be another challenge).  Anyway, it sounds like fun, and I am excited to be part of it all.  If you get a chance, tune in, and let me know what you think.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Things

Detail from Shimmering Roses, 36 x 36

Well, I keep painting these white shapes on textured, muted backgrounds (here the "shapes," of course, are roses).  The pattern and movement, the dance of the linear and round forms -- all of those things represent my current challenge.  The weather has been really wonderful and spring-ish here in Atlanta for about 2 weeks... Below is this painting outside on my deck, accented with some slanting sun shadows!  

Now I'm wanting to paint with some COLOR and feel the spring vibe in my work -- so I'm off to the studio to see what develops...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Balloon

My Balloon, 20 x 20

Well, MY balloon is floating right now - last weekend was just great -- first I taught THE most fun workshop ever at Chattanooga Art Works (sponsored by Lisa Seago).  We had a wonderful time, painting from life, laughing, sipping a bit of wine (!), and just connecting.  There were 15 people from as far away as Indiana and Ohio, and of course, Georgia and Tennessee; Lisa's studio is beautiful (see below, in a photo supplied by my friend, Kathy Cousart), and we rocked it out.  Everyone painted well and they sent me off to Huntsville, Alabama on Saturday afternoon.  I put on some under-eye concealer and a fancy dress and attended the Museum Gala at the wonderful Huntsville Art Museum; the people of Huntsville are amazingly gracious and they welcomed me and Michael to the max!  It was a beautiful party, a successful and magical evening;  I was very honored to have been chosen as the featured artist, and basically, blown away by it all...

CHATTANOOGA:  Workshop Day One/ Rounding up the troops for a petite demo

 CHATTANOOGA:  Day Two/ Doing a morning demo before everyone did 3 paintings that day (!)

HUNTSVILLE:  Entrance to the "Nancy Franke" room...

HUNTSVILLE:  Front-on view of the featured artist area; all of my work was beautifully placed...

HUNTSVILLE:  Here's the corner with "My Balloon," which floated high that night!!

p.s.  there are three spaces left for the April 5 and 6th Chattanooga workshop if you'd like to join us...