Thursday, July 28, 2011

Simple Shapes

 Photo Reference of Sarah

Charcoal placement

Follow Me, 12 x 9

Loved the simplicity of this shape -- I kind of exaggerated her head in the painting, and made her wider too, I see.  The angles here appealed to me, as well as the attitude of the pose, which was better captured in the sketch than in the painting!  The solid confidence of little kids is pure and strong; it's fun to pare down all elements to the minimum and let it shine.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Morning at Les Murets, 12 x 12, Sold

Bastille Day festivities were SUCH fun last Thursday evening at Huff Harrington! Despite the British-sounding name, this is an Atlanta gallery with a strong French connection, as one of the owners has properties in France, while the other owner and the staff all are serious francophiles.  They take art lovers on trips to France, and often go on art discovery and buying trips.  (Huff Harrington has a great blog  

So, for the past four years, Bastille Day celebrations have been held each July 14th. This year, the accordion player was circulating, while loads of people were sipping wine and checking out the art!  There were wonderful pieces by French artists, along with French landscapes and inspirations by American artists. I always love being part of that scene, and hope to gather lots of new material during our painting trip to Provence this September.  Can't wait!

Memories of Provence, 12 x 9

Dimanche, L'Isle sur la Sorgue, 16 x 16

Coq et Vin? 16 x 16

Monday, July 11, 2011

Reality Leaves a Lot to the Imagination

Solitaire, 30 x 30

Love that John Lennon quote!  Study here was done in close values and colors, with a bit of directional movement.  I am trending that way, wonder where it will lead; this painting adventure is something else, non?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Focus, 14 x 11

Well, I've been going through the summer swoon, painting a lot, and wiping a lot!  I should just stick to swimming and forget about it for awhile, which I plan on doing soon...

Meanwhile, the painting above was done for a friend, from a photo of her daughter when she was little.    There's a sketchy quality that I like about this piece, and I'm happy for something I like at this point.  I reminded myself today that my goal is to merely suggest things with paint - and for some reason, I often forget that elusive truth!!  (oh yes, simplicity)...