Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer's Fun

Starry Night, 30 x 20

Well, it was time for another  commission, and yes, I said yes, BUT... I did this painting as a wedding gift for a friend to give to her close friend's son and his wife.   Since I did one last year for a gift from this same friend for the sister of the groom, I could hardly say no : )  Below is the painting from last year:

Wedding Day, 30 x 20

I did not want the new commission to be a portrait, so I tried to keep it free but fairly true to the subject.
I think I mostly did that, and I didn't have to do two paintings this year (as I did last year) to end up with one, so that is a bit of progress, je pense ... photo reference below :

Meanwhile, kids have been back to see us in Atlanta from Alaska, and look at these cool paintings done by my little grandchildren last week:

 Eli, age 3

Sarah, age 6

Needless to say, I gave them only three colors, my limited, limited palette - see photo below:

Eli's mixtures

Creative Spirit

Going for it!

I taught a really fun one day workshop on Painting Children last Sunday at Huff Harrington, and will post on that next time!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ooh La La

Les Couleurs de Provence, 20 x 20

Last night was the Bastille Day show and celebration of all things francais chez Huff Harrington Fine Art, here in Atlanta.  What a scene!  Loads of people,  beaucoup du vin, much excitement, and lots of fresh work by gallery artists, and most fun of all, great pieces by recent provencal travelers on painting trips to Les Murets (hosted by me last year and Bill Davidson in May, 2012 ).  

LesTournesols de Provence, 20 x 20

Glimpse of Gordes, 12 x 16

It's been a busy time, with trips to Colorado for the OPA National Exhibit, to South Carolina to spend time with Michael's family, and enjoying our Alaska kids here in Atlanta for the past week.  The  OPA show was great:  very impressive work, displayed beautifully at Evergreen Gallery in Colorado. Here is my painting on display, which happily sold at the opening : ) 


Back to real life now, with a workshop next Sunday on painting children, part deux, and catching up on everything else!