Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oil Sketch

Glimpse of Spring, 24 x 20

Getting back in the groove after a workshop is never easy, so I took some of the flowers left from our setups this weekend, and did a sketch in oil on Tuesday.  It is pretty loose, but there's something I like in the spontaneity, so I will leave it alone, at least for now.  It is a cold and sunny day today -- perfect for staying in the studio.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great Workshop

First Day Demo, 12 x 12

Well, last weekend's workshop was my largest one (15 students) to date. I loved the venue - spacious and well-lit,  just perfect for that size group. We had fun, and hopefully, all learned a few things as well. I always learn as much as the students - all of whom were terrific!  They also were ready at the rescue when, on the first day, I tripped over my own tripod, spilling the solvent, as the easel was slowly sliding to the floor. After that mishap, all flowed pretty smoothly... Above is a photo of the first day's demo of sunflowers, not totally completed, and below is a 5 minute apple study done on the second day. This afternoon I am going to do a small warm up painting, and then hopefully finish/resolve the large rose painting from last week.

Me in action --  paper towels at the ready, even when I'm talking!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Warm Up

Pear and Plum Study, 10 x 10

This weekend, I am teaching that workshop for 15, through the Art School in Sandy Springs. This is my largest group yet, because Donna Thomas, the director, has acquired a nice large gallery space which accommodates more painters! I tell students to do small studies from life each day, prior to painting larger pieces -- a Warm Up, so to speak. I did the one above today as a warm up...and I definitely needed to get back in the groove, as I spent the last 3 days cleaning and rearranging my studio. It feels like a new space, but I am needing to recharge my painting batteries before Saturday. I haven't gotten back to the large painting of the roses, but will post when I do.

Monday, February 15, 2010

One Element

Blue Bowl now missing from new painting...finished piece to come!

After two days of painting on my new large piece, I am making progress toward the goal...sometimes, I dislike the process on large paintings, because alla prima is almost out of the question, unless I am really ON. Thus, I look, rearrange, etc. Today, I eliminated the cream pitcher in which the roses actually WERE, put them in a glass jar, repainted the lower portion, in which I had a blue Chinese bowl and leaves... Yikes! Attention to composition, real attention, could avoid these missteps. I loved the way I had painted the bowl, and hated to paint it out, but as Sherrie McGraw said at a workshop I attended in Scottsdale: " It is often necessary to destroy something good to achieve something better." I now realize that I should photograph these stages and then the final result. Something in me hates to be that exposed, but it is also good to get feedback, I know. I have no current followers to my blog, but when and if I get some, I will definitely add in-progress photos!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blogging is New to Me!

Fresh Start, 40 x 40, Oil on Canvas

Well, I thought I should start a blog, though I'm not totally sure why...I do enjoy other painter's blogs, so I will see how this turns out! I am teaching a workshop for 15 next weekend, and I am gathering my thoughts. This will be my 4th group of painters... I taught 3 workshops last year, through the Art School in Sandy Springs, here in Atlanta, Georgia. I find that I still get nervous, especially about the demonstration, but I have a bit more confidence since I've done it, to varying degrees of success, before. I have been painting today -- and as usual, I am liking some parts of the (large - i.e. 36 x 36) painting, and wondering about other elements. I really love the winter light in my small studio, which is even more brilliant since we had a rare snow here in Atlanta on Friday night. I will post an image of the painting on my easel when I finish. I am thinking I shall post paintings, some at the finish - some in-progress -- this blog concept will evolve as I go along.
Bye for now!