Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things Are Looking Up

Ease and Flow, 24 x 24

Well, thank heavens, I am painting with more confidence lately, which is a good thing! I picked up some tulips at the flower market last Thursday, waited 2 days for them to fall (although if I want flowers NOT to fall, they promptly do so within one hour), and painted them over the weekend.  I also did another large piece and 2 smaller ones within the last few days. Below is a studio shot of the set-up for the red tulips:

I'm still liking light backgrounds, with traces of color and shimmer going on.  Now it's time to get outside and paint something different.   Some of my art friends and I have scheduled a few plein air outings during the past week or so, but we keep getting storm threats here in Atlanta...maybe next week!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Small Painting, Heading West

Polite Discourse, 8 x 6

Proving that you never know, the painting above was accepted into the 2011 National OPA Exhibit.  This year, I submitted 2 entries, feeling more confident about a larger, 24 x 24 piece, but this one was selected!  I think it might be the smallest painting in the entire show.  Devin Galleries in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, is hosting this year's Oil Painters of America National Exhibit, June 10th - July 9th; it's the 20th anniversary for the OPA National Exhibition honoring representational/traditional oil painting and painters.  I'm proud to be in the exhibit and to be a signature member of this organization.

Entering national shows is a nice resume enhancer, should an artwork be selected -- and, as Kevin MacPherson says, no one ever knows about your attempt should you not make it.  I submitted entries to OPA for 5 or 6 years before I had the first one accepted in 2006.  I don't paint for these shows (trying to create a "winner," or a "good painting," typically is not a way for me to succeed).   From available work, I usually pick one or two to submit which I think might have a chance.  Judging is by its very nature subjective, and what I think are sure bets often don't get the nod.   When it works, though, it's a nice thing!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ease and Flow

Peared Up, 12 x 9

Lately, I have been painting a lot, re-working things, and generally being less than thrilled with the results, i.e. "ease and flow" have not been my companions of late!  Above is a small "warm up" study, done in 15 minutes, that I like better than three other pieces which I have been "over-thinking,"  (one example below).
I spoke with my painting friend, Bill Davidson, today about a plein air event, and told him I have been spending lots of time, resulting in not much, and he said "Uh oh, you're getting ready to grow!"  Well, I certainly hope that's the case - and that better times lie ahead! 

French Bottles, 30 x 20

On a positive note, I taught a FUN workshop last Sunday, my first at Huff Harrington Fine Art.  The gallery setting was lovely, with French music piping through the rooms - and sunshine beaming in the windows.  It was a great group of painters--who did 3 paintings in about 3 hours, and seemed to enjoy it too.  Wish I had some photos of the proceedings, but I was running around so much, I forgot to take them.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just Home from Alaska

Waterview, Sitka

We returned 2 days ago from a weeklong visit to see the kids, and we had a delightful time... it is always uplifting to get outside my world and art thoughts and see through the eyes of a 2 and 5 -year old.  I took some amazing photos for painting, and of the kids, and just spent timing BE-ing instead of DO-ing, which is a good thing! 

Since I have paintings in progress, but nothing new as yet photographed, below are a few pieces I overlooked when showing my "collection" last month.

Paintings at My House, Part Deux....

Scott Burdick, studio study, which is in MY studio!

Sherrie McGraw drawing, also residing in my studio.

And here is a Sherrie McGraw painting demo, purchased at a workshop in Scottsdale, circa 2003.

Top painting is a Kevin MacPherson study done in Ireland, which I bought about 9 years ago.

Serigraph by Marco Sassone, which has been in my home since 1987!

And last, not least, is a small abstract by Michelle Lisenby, purchased at Huff Harrington 4 years ago... which I still love!