Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Whoa, It's August

Missing You, 12 x 9

Maybe We Should, 12 x 10

Fleurs de Provence, 10 x 8, Donation for High Arts Day

I've been painting, teaching two workshops (one on painting children, part deux, in Atlanta, and one on painting from life in Dahlonega, GA at the Art Loft), running around, swimming on sunny days, and generally enjoying the summer vibe in Atlanta.  My painting friends have been gathering each Wednesday in August to capture our favorite model, Annie, in quick studies, shown above.  In the third piece, I painted some roses for a charity donation, and let it rip with a palette knife!   

Look below to see the amazing work done in the Painting Studies of Children Workshop in late July. My apologies to Caryl Paller and Mary Anne Kresse, who did nice paintings - but I didn't catch the photos! 

 Dawn Douglas

Laura Lanford

Sandy Cox

Nancy Rounsaville

Dot Blum

Sheryl Lott

Janice Marshall

Bren Powell

Me at the easel

Mary Helen Stringer

Leslie Thomas

Jean Dortch

I love the workshop setting:  other painters willing to go out of their comfort zones and to really show up with joy and skill.  My workshop in Dahlonega last weekend was wonderfully positive, and I did not take one photo, but those fellow travelers on the art path did just that -- they showed up with joy and skill!