Monday, April 20, 2015

Dreaming Along

"Listen to the color of your dreams,"
The Beatles 
(Tomorrow Never Knows)

Lots of travel the past month -- so much fun and re-charging too!  With extra time to think outside the studio, I have been transforming my goals as a painter as well.  Why  not?  I am painting for ME now, feeling my way into the subject, no longer worrying about the subject itself.  The subject is the starting point -- for my dreaming and fun while at the easel. 

Most importantly, I am learning to paint what I like and hope that others will like it too ...instead of trying to anticipate what the unknown "others" might want!
It is truly exciting to be able to refine and re-imagine this painting dream -- that what keeps it interesting, non?

Below are some recent paintings:

Points of Light, 12 x 9
Small study from a photo

Brand New Day, 12 x 12
Painting below is based upon this small one, done from a life set-up.

Rose Colored Glasses, 40 x 40

Set Up Photo for painting below-

Surprising Liaisons, 24 x 24

 Tender Mercies, 12 x 12
Study from life set-up, and inspiration for large piece below.

Sometimes When We Touch, 48 x 36

This is an exciting week here in Atlanta -- lots of very prominent national plein air painters are coming in for the Olmsted Plein Air Invitational April 22nd - 26th; then the next week the Portrait Society of America annual conference will be taking place here as well.  I plan to be inspired by it all and to have some fun too!!