Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fish Plate Makes a Comeback... and other thoughts

Time to Change It Up

Soon we leave to visit our kids in Alaska, and a few weeks later I head to Maine to paint with a friend who organized a painting retreat in a serene waterfront spot north of Portland, ME.   Methinks some new inspiration is in order, since I have seen repeating patterns in my studio set-ups of late!  Note my fondness for a fish plate purchased at an antique shop in St. Simons, GA a few years back. Below is a painting from 18 months ago, followed by recent "fish plate" appearances this year... 

Flower Dance, 24 x 24, 2012 painting

Shimmery, 36 x 36, April 2013

Beach Music, 30 x 24, May 2013

Soft Summer Blues, 24 x 24, June 2013

It is tempting, for me, to paint subjects that I like and which have the added benefit of selling well -- they are familiar and relatively easy to set up and light in my own comfortable studio.  However, as Robert Genn so wisely said in one of his blogs a while back: 

"there's a wider question. Are we, like the local baker, simply making a line of tarts for popular consumption, or are we engaged in something more lofty and significant? "  

Ay yi yi, not wanting to be a tart maker, I'm not sure if I am more "lofty" either!!  While there is certainly something to be said for gaining expertise and understanding in chosen subject matter and concepts, I'm just wanting to shake it up right now, seeking a bit of fresh perspective.  This fish may swim into more paintings, but perhaps in new ways :-)