Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Swimming Along

“Swimming is simply moving meditation.” 

Sestri Levante Morning, 9 x 14

Ooh, the heat of summer, which I have learned to appreciate, is upon us here in Atlanta...
the sun is shining brightly and I swim whenever I can in the mornings  -- as it's so very nice to float along and stay loose.  
Of course, staying loose is easier said than done, both in life and in painting!

The Italian painting trip was truly a special time -- a joining of like minds, in very many ways.  Along the sparkling Ligurian coast, it's easy to be enchanted, by the views, the lovely food, and the chance to paint small slices of the shimmering color and beauty!  The paintings here were plein air sketches or petite demos.

Morning Colors, 12 x 9, Oil Sketch

Colors of Liguria, 12 x 12

Time Apart , 12 x 9, Oil Sketch

Memories of a Special Time with Special People:

Molte Grazie!