Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fresh Start

Good Morning, 8 x 6

I painted this one the other day to go in a frame that I had, since I removed that frame from another small piece, and replaced it with a new one.  You might say that I am kind of a frame nut, and probably spend more than necessary, but I do think that it makes a difference.  Having done many a painting on gallery wrap canvas, I still most often end up with the piece in a floater or restretching and framing traditionally.  My work just looks better (to me) with a border!  My gallery price point does not lend itself to expensive frames, but I am drawn to them.  Yesterday, I received an email from Deborah Paris, a wonderful painter who lives in Texas; her husband makes some really good-looking frames, and the prices are good too.  Check them out at

Meanwhile, I've been noodling a fresh perspective, composition-wise; the little painting above is one result.  I kind of like it; it was inspired by my friend, Nancy Armstrong, who created the "fresh start" below for a recent charity event!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Au Revoir, Poire!

Shine, 12 x 9

Well, the painting above was done about 2 years ago -- it has been in 3 different galleries and did not find a home, so when it came back recently from Denver, I took a look and went, "Oh, yeah!"

I could see that the pear totally didn't belong there -- too big, too bright, too too whatever!  So I thought that I'd delete the pear -- a simple study of white on white would surely be a better thing (if I could match the colors).  With a bit of tinkering, I actually was able to do that;  then I placed the painting in a nice frame, took it to Huff Harrington 2 days later, and it was purchased the same day!  The moral to my story is "simpler is (almost) always better."  The revised effort is pictured below... (background color looks way different, but I didn't change it - must be my new camera) ...

Gift of Love, 12 x 9

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Painting at the Gallery

Ooh, Tiffany Blue, 12 x 12

Last Saturday, my friend, Brenda, played Christmas music on the piano at Huff Harrington Fine Art, while I did a small painting demo.  The Huffingtons served a bit of wine and some fresh cookies and it was a fun afternoon.  The idea was for me to paint a Tiffany box, so Ann and Meg got me a gift from the namesake store here in Atlanta in time for me to have on hand for the event.  I hadn't looked inside yet, because I wanted to paint it first.  Then I couldn't remove/change the ribbon till I finished the painting, which I did here we are... below is the wrapped box, and below that, the contents! 

I was able to approximate the Tiffany blue color pretty well with  my limited palette (ultramarine blue, cadmium lemon, cadmium red medium, and titananium zinc white, in case you were wondering)....I did have some cerulean blue on hand just in case!

Inside was a sparkly crystal votive, complete with candle, which is already now in use...Behind is the painting, in a nice frame by my friend, Munroe d'antignac, of d'antignac Custom Frames (

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Paper Towel Painting and Other Fun

Radishes and Roses, Demo in progress

Today was a great day... I painted with 4 other Atlanta artists at the beautiful, light and spacious riverfront studio of Dianne Harrison.  We had a wonderful time, sharing ideas and practicing.  I did a small demo, above, in the morning, then we had a delicious lunch to which all contributed (except me)!  After lunch, we painted with paper towels as our "brushes," forcing focus on large shapes.  One of the painters, Juanita Kauffman, actually painted on her iPad -- and got some cool results -- see pics below.

Juanita, creating a virtual painting...

Nice result - very free!

Kate Pendleton and Jan Eubanks using their paper towels 
(and they didn't even complain)...

Dianne Harrison, finishing her second paper towel creation.  
A good time was had by all....Stay warm!