Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Paint Quality, or the Dimensional Surface

Little Study, Morning in Provence, 6 x 6

Bit of Light, 6 x 6

Ooh, I am lovin thicker paint and the look of it!  I have been playing around with thin and thick paint, and thick is winning my heart.  It's hard to let go of the control of the brush, but as I teach in my workshops, a cruder tool can't help but produce free-er results.  I guess it is the visible sculpting with paint that appeals, both to the viewer and the painter in me. While being strictly a "palette knife painter" holds no personal attraction, the use of a palette knife along with fingers, brushes, etcetera can produce interesting and often random-ly good results!  YAY, an element of fun and surprise - I'll take it!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Personality Profile??

Party Dress, 16 x 8

Well, since returning from seeing kids over the holidays in Alaska, I have been doing a few small works for the Huff Harrington "Grand Affair" fete in late January -- they have an annual show of paintings $1,000 (a grand) or less!  Nice idea, and freeing for the painter.  It's a chance to try new things, small format, and let it fly... and in doing so, I have noticed, over and over, that I tend to paint in a vertical or a square format.  

What does that say about me, the painter?  That I'm short, and therefore like vertical, i.e. tall sizes? That I am somewhat scattered (!) and like to be formed into a square??   Who knows the truth of it, but there is no doubt that I lean, lean, LEAN to the upright and boxy shapes.  I have noted, however, than when I DO break out of my mold, my paintings seem to quickly sell, as the one below:

Soft Touch, 30 x 40

Perhaps there is a lesson there for me in the new year :-)  
Happy New Year and happy breaking out!!