Monday, February 28, 2011

Time to Blog, and I'm in a Fog!

Memories (done at Millie Gosch's Farm in October), 12 x 9

We have been painting and renovating a bit over the past few weeks, so my home/studio time has been in between hammers and the smells of fresh paint and glaze on kitchen cabinets.  While rearranging paintings and editing accessories, I happened upon this plein air study in my studio, and decided that I liked it, all unfinished and sketchy. Maybe it is the warm undertone, kind of uniting the painted marks, or perhaps it is the immediacy of an impression not overworked.  At any rate, I put it into a frame, and hung it in my house, along with a few other pieces of mine done in the past year.  My art at home has been not too great (as for Nancy Franke paintings), since I tend to take new work to the gallery, and have older paintings done years ago on my walls.  One bright spot here at my home, however, is the small collection of paintings from artists whose work I admire, gathered over time at a price I was willing to pay.  Below are a few shots of that tiny collection:

The painting is by Ted Goerschner, and I love the freshness and the value contrast.  I purchased it at Lagerquist Gallery in Atlanta nearly 10 years ago.

This one is by Carol Marine, one of her daily paintings, that I bought 3 years ago; she's coming to Atlanta soon to do a workshop at the Art School in Sandy Springs, which has been sold out for over a year!

Here is one by me (little girl),with a Pascal Bouterin in the middle, a Kevin MacPherson plein air study from Ireland next to that and another piece of mine beside the lamp. Sorry about the photo!

This piece is by Scott Burdick, and I really like it.  You will note that I tend to collect figures and head studies, evidently a habit of many of us who are painters.

This painting is by Diane Eugster, a figurative painter from Nevada; I found it at Willow Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.

Below is a conte crayon drawing by Susan Lyon, which I bought in Charleston, SC, at The Sylvan Gallery.

There's a Nancy Franke piece of a petite ballerina on the far wall, but on the table is a demo I purchased in Jackson Hole, WY, at a workshop with Carolyn Anderson.  

Here is a study by John Schieffer, which my husband bought in Scottsdale...he loves the detail and the precision of this piece.

Below is a painting that I purchased at Sage Creek Gallery in Santa Fe, when I was there almost two years ago at the OPA National show; it's by Kevin Bielfuss, and I love the painterly quality and the soft palette.

This is a study by Ray Roberts.  I took a workshop with him at Milly Gosch's Farm in Newnan, GA, a few years ago, and I liked his simple shapes and forms in this painting. 

This is a fun watercolor that I LOVE by my Atlanta painting friend, Margaret Hathaway! It's so loose and expressive.

Below is a landscape by Joseph Paquet, a Plein Air Painter of America: I took his workshop in Atlanta several years ago. 

And finally, a small, wonderful painting by Andree Thobaty, a French artist (represented in Atlanta by Huff Harrington Fine Art) whose work is simple and powerful, truly qualities I admire!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dianne's Flowers

Study of Dianne's Flowers, 16 x 12

Well, I painted with some of my inspiring art friends at Dianne Harrison's very zen riverfront studio last week, and did this study of one of her set-ups.  I had brought along a (New Traditions) panel that was toned red/orange, which I mostly use for landscape, and I struggled with it.  But that bright toning kind of worked to get me out of my recent pale mode.  Below is Juanita Kauffman's ipad painting, all free and bright; it makes a tempting case for the digital creation, non?

The Provence trips (see are almost full, check out the link at Painting Trips to Provence if you want to join us in September, 2011.  Meanwhile, I am honored to have 2 paintings recently accepted into Salon International 2011, which will open at Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, in April!

Bunny 10 x 8

All Things Considered, 30 x 24

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

White Roses, and Painting with Friends...

Winter Roses, 16 x 12

I had a great day yesterday, having lunch with several painting friends, 4 of whom went with me to Italy last fall...we were viewing the members' art show at Cherokee Club, and just enjoying our time.  Last Tuesday, our group painted together -- and Cathy Groome contributed some white roses that her husband kindly purchased for take above, and the set-up below (thanks to Mary Beard for the photo):

Sometimes, I like the sketchy quality of the initial painting and do little to finish, as is evident above!  There wasn't much local color here, so for me, it was a challenge to get some warmth on the canvas...
I have posted below some of the paintings the others were doing of this VERY simple's fun to see the different interpretations. 

This one is Cathy Groome's -- I love the way it fills the canvas!

Here is Treacy Shaw's -- very soft and shimmery!

Nancy Armstrong's take (her 3rd painting of the day), not finished, but very bold and graphic!

And here is Wendy Jackson's painting...she was happily ignoring the roses and working on a close-up (in wonderful colors) of a peony she picked from her own garden last summer (that's Cathy G. in the background)!  

Also, yesterday I posted two one-day "tune-up" workshops here in Atlanta on my website ( and on the Huff Harrington blog ( The first is April 10th, and the second is June 11th.  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Trinity Time!

Bamboo Bowl (acrylic on wood), Donation for Trinity School Spotlight on Art, 2011

Well, it's easy to tell that I did this bowl for The Trinity School in Atlanta right after we returned from Italy in late September, 2010, while still entranced by the vistas from Villa di Piazzano, outside Cortona.  Recently, I was honored to hear from Amanda Szwast, a Trinity mother and volunteer for the annual art extravaganza:  she informed me that my bowl was chosen to be the one featured at the live auction later this week. The bamboo bowls are 30 inches in diameter, and about thirty Atlanta artists contributed their creations for an online auction (  Anyway, below is a poor photo of the scene in question at the villa, and then below that, an image of the plein air study I did at the spot back in September!

One has to look hard to see the Italian villa in the distance, but I promise, it was there, though I surely exaggerated it for a focal point!

Tuscan Morning, 12 x 12