Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 Quick Demo of Sarah, 16 x 12

Preliminary sketch, done for placement and understanding of the pose

Two days ago, I taught a one-day workshop on painting studies of children from photographs -- it was great fun, and the participants really rocked some nice paintings.  Look below to see some Funday, Sunday art!   (Excuse some of my poor photos, made on the fly)...

by Jacki Newell

by Martha Elder

by Carol Carmichael
 (check out her blog on our workshop day at www.carolcarmichaelpaints.com/)

by Berthe Mobasser

by Leslie Line

by Kathy Bowman

by Christine Bray

by Joann Richardson

by Elizabeth Lines

I am posting from Colorado, where the OPA National Exhibit opens this weekend at Evergreen Gallery of Fine Art in Evergreen, outside Denver.  Several people have asked to see the painting of mine that was accepted, which is below.  I can't wait to see all of the art, all of the people, and most of all, to attend a demo by Quang Ho (this year's judge) on Friday morning.  YAY!  Lots of fun...

Tulips in Mercury Glass, 18 x 14

Monday, June 11, 2012

Simple Shapes

In Motion, 12 x 12

I'm getting ready for my Summer workshop on painting children, which is happening next Sunday, June 17th....So I have been doing a few studies to get warmed up, focusing on the simple shape and attitude of the subjects.  

I use photos I have taken in the past few years, mostly of Sarah and Eli, my sweet grandchildren, as the basis for many of the children-themed paintings.  Usually, the photo serves as a reference for what I wish to convey.

Below, however, is a painting I did last year, where I was a bit literal -- the second painting is the revision done recently, eliminating unnecessary detail.  

Photo Reference

Here is the first one:  I put a pillow and the arm of the chair to fill in that space where I couldn't see the figures... i.e. "too loyal" to the source material.

Next photo is a recent revision of the same painting, eliminating the horizontal forms at the bottom; instead, I just suggested form with loose strokes, and I like it better.

Read to Me, 12 x 16

Painting colors are the same, more like the bottom photo, but different cameras and different light produce WAY different results, despite my editing efforts!  Anyway, to me, the bottom take on the subject has better flow.

This Sunday's workshop, "Painting Children from Photos," is being held at Huff Harrington Fine Art in Atlanta.  It is one day, from 9 until 4, and because it turned out to be on Father's Day, I have a few spaces that opened up.  If anyone is interested at the last minute, contact Sarah at Huff Harrington, 404-257-0511.   Also, I have scheduled another one-day workshop on painting children on July 22, 2012.  There are a couple of spaces left in that one as well, so call Sarah at HH if you are interested!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Annie, Take One

Annie, oil sketch, 16 x 12

Last Wednesday was a lot of fun.  Several local artists gathered at my friend Dianne's spacious studio, where she had a beautiful model in a beautiful pose, accompanied by beautiful music -- causing me to comment : "If there's a better way to spend a morning, I don't know what it could be!"
Then we moved on to a delicious light lunch, and un peu de Cotes de Rhone, supplied by my husband, who found a great one after we returned from Provence last year.


Just a lovely pose

Dianne's sparkling impression

Deanna, with clear focus, so painterly ...

We are invited back this week to paint again, with the lovely Annie as our muse...can't wait!