Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kinda Cool

Flowers and Pears, 11 x 14

White Satin, 16 x 12

Let It Flow, 30 x 30

I've been very fortunate with my galleries, all of whom found me, truly a plus - because when that happens, it usually means they like your work!

Huff Harrington Fine Art and I have been together since 2006.  My friends Ann, Meg, Linda and Sam have done just an outstanding job of selling my paintings, and have enthusiastically done so even during the "lean years."   We have grown together, and I always appreciate their subtle, gracious guidance.

In the past two years, I've been lucky to be part of the fine group of painters at Anderson Gallery in St. Simons Island, GA, and Shain Gallery in Charlotte, NC.   These galleries too have done a superb job representing me.  Over time, I have been honored to be in several other galleries --but now the mix is right.  Meanwhile, ten years ago, I would have been totally shocked to think I would ever be in one gallery!

Today,  I learned that the three pieces above are included in one of the sets for the upcoming season of "Homeland," which is currently being filmed in Charlotte -- how fun is that?  Thank you to Sybil at Shain Gallery; can't wait to watch whenever it comes out, perhaps to see a tiny view of one of these flyin' by in the background...

Thursday, September 5, 2013


 Tea and Roses, 30 x 24

Tender Moment, 16 x 12

YAY, it's September; school days are here, and I, for one, have Beginning of the Year engraved in my mind to be this time after Labor Day.  Although the fresh start in January is a nice re-boot, something about early fall says to me, "let's get going!"

With that in mind, I have re-dedicated myself to daily drawing, whether on the cool (free) app "Paper" for iPad, or on canvas with paint in daily quick sketches.  Such things increase confidence and freedom of expression -- if  I'm not struggling with or constantly correcting the underlying drawing and shapes,  I can actually sling some paint and be loose!!  

Last week, I joined several great art friends to paint and celebrate at a nearby lake and winery -- and Provence is soon on the horizon -- in fact, we leave next week for painting fun in France, truly a welcome and special time on this magic carpet ride :-)  

Le Metro, 16 x 8