Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Last Bloom

Last Bloom, 6 x 6

At my home in Atlanta, I have an almost totally shaded yard, so the idea of a hibiscus thriving or even growing,  is pretty ridiculous.  Notwithstanding that fact, about 3 weeks ago I bought a hibiscus plant, intending to paint a couple of flowers in a jar or something.  Basically,  I liked the creamy colors and the red centers.  

Well, I never got around to it, but I did get a moment to paint this small study; since we leave for France tomorrow,  I guess the hibiscus moment has passed.  I intend to post from Provence, and am excited to breathe in the essence of that special place.  A bientot!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Foot Out the Door

Read to Me, 12 x 16

Well, one week from tomorrow is the long-awaited departure day for France - yay!  The Provence workshops are upon us ... there was a meeting at Huff Harrington yesterday to go over packing light, yet adding a few last minute art supplies, and details for the train to Avignon, etc.  Of course, Ann and Sarah served champagne and tarte jambon to the attendees, and we toasted to the soon-to-be-realized dream of painting and just breathing l'essence de Provence!!  (I am bringing my computer and hope to post from Les Murets).

The painting above has a certain gentle spirit that I sought -  I spent lots of time refining the expressions and focus of the children, while trying to avoid too much detail.  I sketched like crazy before applying paint -- not sure whether that was a good idea, since it kept me a bit literal.  BUT - I really wanted to be exact in catching the flow.

Sketch (unfortunately on a reddish-tinted board, which drove me crazy) is pictured below.  You can see that I was really working the angles. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rosemary's Peonies

Rosemary's Peonies, 36 x 36

Right around July Fourth, my friend Rosemary and I went to the wholesale flower market.  I was buying something ordinary, don't even remember what, while she found and purchased some wonderful yellow tree peonies.  The next morning, she was knocking at my door -- "you have to paint these!"  So, I did, which was no easy task.  They were opening, dropping petals, and changing by the minute; finally, I quit chasing the shapes and approximated the feel, or at least, that's what I was attempting!  I do like the shadow and the movement of the stems here - those elements make it kind of dramatic.