Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Workshop Demo

Favorite Things, 16 x 12

Well, technically this is not a workshop demo, since I had to pull it together at home, having wiped off lots of the bottom half at the workshop I taught 2 weeks ago on painting children.  I like, however, the sketchy quality of the piece, and decided to quit before I lost that effect.  I see some things I would change -- for instance, the book could be simplified, and I don't think I like the pink border being the same size as the pink dress straps.  This sketch was done from a photo of Sarah - pictured in yesterday's post - when she was nearly two.  I am almost finished with the portrait study of Evie (sketch was posted several weeks ago), and I will share it when complete!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home Again

Nestled, 6 x 8

Well, we are back from our 2 week visit to Alaska, and we had the BEST time.... above is a little "warm up" painting I did prior to leaving, and I posted it because it is so WARM and that is the understatement for Atlanta right now, especially after our return from Sitka, where it was 52 - 65 degrees the entire time!  I was able to get some wonderful photos of greyish, smoky harbors and nice skies for future paintings.  I did not take my paints, as Michael and I devoted our time to the kids and of course, the grands - Eli and Sarah, ages 1 and 4.  I am posting 2 nice little photos of 2 of my favorite subjects!

Also, check out today for a nice post with a petite mention of a small warm up painting of mine!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Plein Air Excursion, or It's Green Out There!

My EasyL box with an oil sketch

A couple of weeks ago, I went out to a farm near the Gallery at Paper Mill Road, met a few painters from Atlanta, and we had a great couple of hours in the morning, painting in the shade.  I tried an underpainting of transparent orange, which really came in handy that day, with all of the green grass, leaves, shrubs, etc.  I wouldn't always use this bright toning, but I was happy to have done so with that little study.  It IS nice to get out of the studio, though I don't seem to venture out unless meeting others!!  

Monday, June 7, 2010

Painting Children

Sketch of Evie, 20 x 16

Well, I have kids on my mind, as next Wednesday, I am teaching a one-day workshop on painting children, and I have been progressing on a portrait of the little one sketched above.   Commissions are always a challenge - seeing is compromised by imagining the seeing of another (i.e. the commisson-er)!
I totally admire portrait artists, who take the plunge every day - trying to please two masters. That being said, I do love painting children whose images I have captured at the ballet studio or at the pool or beach.  Their chunky bodies and the very little shapes of them are captivating to me -- I try to do an honest and not too "sweet" portrayal, with varying results!  Below is my latest ballet-inspired painting, and I will post the completed painting of Evie, sketched above, when done.

Pink Leotard, 24 x 18, Oil on Unbleached Linen