Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Ahead

It's time for a fresh leap in my painting! Tomorrow I leave for Chattanooga to teach a two-day workshop at Chattanooga Artworks, then Michael and I head to Huntsville AL for the Museum Gala on Saturday evening.  I am excited about doing these things and excited for a fresh start this spring in my painting.  Just ordered some new panels today with a more textured linen, ordered lots of big tubes of paint, and my intent is to change it up, paint more freely, and pile on the paint.  I guess Leap Year is a good time to leap into new territory... this painting, done last month, is called Tulip Patterns, 24 x 12; I like the vertical format!  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Subtle Color, Past and Present

Simply Roses, 2012, 30 x 24

Back to the white roses again (I asked Michael for some white ones for Valentines' Day)!  I still really enjoy playing with pale tones on pale backgrounds -- think I'll try some stacked creamware next and then maybe some really pale skies and sand (am at the beach right now, so that's all around).

Over the past few years, I have been experimenting with pales.  By nature I tend to be a colorist, and after checking out the 32 little paintings pictured in my last post, one could see the colors abounding in most of them.  So the subtleties are a challenge for moi!  

The first group of three pales, done in 2011, are below:

Don't Tell, 2011, 36 x 36

Winter Roses, 16 x 12, 2011

Petite Surprise, 16 x 12, 2011

Looking through the 2010 painting files, I could only find one of the subtle ones.  On this dress, I resorted to outlines in various places to establish directional lines and for definition (you can see why, since there surely isn't much value range here; that's when a dark background comes in handy). When doing floral subject matter on pale ground, as above, the stems in clear vases add direction and the darker leaves help define form.

Tiny Dress, 2010, 30 x 24

In the 2009 files, I found this floral with pears to be among the palest, yet it has more color than those above.  I like it -- perhaps the underpainting of dark red unifies the background and defines the left flower, making a harmonious whole.

Table for Three, 2009, 24 x 24

Back in 2008, I did my first white roses, and there were LOTS of leaves, which are more clearly defined than recent ones.  Below the roses is my first white box with white ribbon from 2008.  It's fun to see old and new takes on a similar theme ... 

Camellia Leaves and Roses, 2008, 20 x 16

Surprise Me, 2008, 12 x 12

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

That Would be 32!

More Radishes, 6 x 6, painted February 12th  -- part of the group!

I kept counting and re-counting, but here are the 32 small paintings -- all 6 x 6 -- for the patrons of the Huntsville Museum Gala in March of this year

Yes, I was going to have absolutely NO problem doing the small patron gifts for the gala event in Huntsville, AL the first weekend in March. I was just going to breeze through these warm-up paintings last November and December and easily have the number requested by the co-chairs (two charming gals from Huntsville who donate tons of time and inspiration to the museum gala, at which I am this year's featured artist).  Need I say that last Tuesday I had far short of the required number?? Having sold or given away some of the intended pieces, I still at NO time had anywhere close to 32. So for the last week, I have been steadily at the easel.  Again, I am reminded of and truly appreciate the steady output of the daily painters, who create 300 + each year with skill and aplomb!

Meanwhile, the boxes were sent off today, with 32 little artworks between glassine paper and bubble wrap, all done and gone and --yippee-- we leave to visit dear friends in Florida tomorrow!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Radishes, on my counter, leaves already wilting

Well, I just love radishes:  the crispiness, the taste with salt (though I haven't tried them with butter too, which is a popular way to serve them), the contrast of the red and green, the firm round shapes with the messy leaves.   Guess I am in a bit of a radish phase.

Radishes, in the market at Coustellet (love the white tips on these French ones)

Radish Rhythm, 16 x 20, first painting I did of radishes, 2008

Radishes and White Roses, Oil Sketch, 16 x 12, done in 2010 

Set Up of Radishes with Hydrangeas in a Tin Can (2011)

My block-in of same, having changed tin can to glass jar; meanwhile, entire painting was soon 
wiped off and forgotten!

 Radishes at Rest, 6 x 6, done in 2011, now it lives in Paris : )

Radish Study, 2011, very few leaves, really free and sketchy

I think as far as painting them goes, I have a way to go -- But I am still enjoying them almost every day in salads or alone with some fleur de sel purchased in St. Remy last September!