Thursday, February 27, 2014

Interpretation - Let's Dance!

Sing to Me, 40 x 30

Photo of Set Up

We may be painting from LIFE, whether in the studio, with a model, or in the field, but it is the translation that makes magic.  I want to use what is before me: what is real and true and actually there!  BUT ...  more importantly, what can I leave out -- it's the "leaving out" that creates freshness, lets the viewer participate, and that keeps it painterly!  Oh, it's a fine dance, non?

I've been busy this month: I taught a workshop at Quinlan Art Center in Gainesville, GA and then 2 days last week in St. Simons Island, GA; both were truly a great cure for the winter blahs.  
These painters were just what the doctor ordered -- they lifted me UP with their willingness to try new things and their inspired paintings.
After hibernating during January and much of February (with unusually cold and snowy times in Atlanta), I found these gatherings to be wonderful! 

 Wonder, 12 x 12