Friday, November 26, 2010

Yikes! It's (almost) Christmas

Tiny Surprise, 6 x 6

Time is speeding by, the calendar is full, painting time is compressed, maybe that's better!  Perhaps one's focus can be enhanced by small windows of studio time...this year, I've decided not to worry about it all, just enjoy and paint when it works out...Cold weather has set in tonight, while last evening, on Thanksgiving, we all sat outside for appetizers and wine, because the air was balmy.  The cold is energizing to me, and I hope to be energized for this busy and fun season!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dark Backgrounds

All Things Considered, 30 x 24

Maybe because it is colder outside, or who knows why, I have been wanting to paint shapes against a dark background.  I have just spent about 2 years exploring light backgrounds, so maybe that is the reason -- it was time for a change.  The painting above is the 3rd attempt on this board ( linen mounted on 3/4" gatorboard );  there are, or were, 2 other paintings in various forms of completion underneath...  I guess that is one way to achieve a lively paint quality, though surely not the easiest!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Small Works, Lots of Pears

Just You, 8 x 8

Perfect Pair, 12 x 16

Ya Gotta Have Heart,  6 x 12

Well, I used the same table, same light, same pears (comice pears, which I really like), yet different backgrounds, thus creating different takes on a VERY familiar subject.  I have to say I enjoy very much doing the little or two a day, before or after other things; they have an immediacy which I would love to be able to achieve in larger pieces.  I am taking these little ones mostly to Huff Harrington Fine Art, my wonderful gallery here in Atlanta;  these smalls are fun and affordable, and therefore are selling prior to the Little Jewels show (opening Nov. 27th) for which they are/were intended.   That is fine/great with me, and I can get lots of good practice doing a few more...Meanwhile, I just adore the Huffingtons  - see their blog at