Sunday, March 6, 2016

Time Flies

Last Saturday was the 10th Anniversary Celebration at Huff Harrington Fine Art in Atlanta.  I have been lucky enough to be represented by them for the entire 10 years.  When Ann (Huff) and Meg (Harrington) joined forces, they decided to open their venture in a nifty small house, "Your Home for Art." 

Huff Harrington Fine Art
Rickenbacker Drive, Atlanta

Cozy and bright inside

It is not on a main thoroughfare (though just off one), nor located on a "gallery row," nor in a shopping area where walk-ins might happen.  No problem!  They gathered a group of artists, held spunky openings, with titles like "Splash," "Luminosity," and "Bastille Day." They got to know designers, advertised in magazines, held book signings in the gallery, and made it all work in a most splendid way!  Then, five years later they opened Huff Harrington Home, an emporium of good taste in furniture, all things French, cool jewels, and lots of art, bien sur!!  The amazing group of positive people that Ann and Meg have gathered sell loads of paintings and help collectors see the HH-inspired vision of artwork in their homes.  (My special thanks to Linda, Mac and Sam for all you do).
Last Saturday, there were painting demos during the day -- with Millie Gosch, Melissa Payne Baker and me at the easel, followed by a lovely party that night!  All enjoyed yummy wines, food, champagne and lively music by a group featuring the talented Pascal Bouterin, who not only is a long-term Huff Harrington painter, but a top jazz musician.

Below are a few photos of the goings-on!

Here I am painting in the gallery with Sarah, my sweet granddaughter, as model

Oil Sketch of Sarah, 18 x 14

My second demo done that afternoon

Festivities began in earnest at 6:00 p.m.!

Ann Huff and friend at the party

Pascal Bouterin on the drums, in front of cool paintings
by Lorraine Christie and Trip Park

My friend and fellow artist, Helen Farson, who came
from Greensboro, NC for the party.  She also
went to Provence on a painting trip with me in 2014.

A Provence-inspired painting by Helen Farson

Speaking of Provence, Huff Harrington sponsors painting trips to Les Murets, a lovely and charming getaway not far from Gordes.  I have been one of the painters leading these trips since 2011, and what a special experience it is.  Yesterday, I learned that two spaces have opened for the June, 2016, trip led by Bethanne Cople, who has been a gallery artist since the opening of HH as well.  If you are interested, give Linda a call at 404-257-0511, and check out The Artful Lifestyle blog on last year's art trip with Bethanne here -

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right," Henry Ford

Ann and Meg thought they could and they DID -- create one of the best galleries in Atlanta, that is --  Bonne Anniversaire!