Sunday, December 29, 2013


"I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else," 
Pablo Picasso

 Soft Morning (detail), 12 x 12,
which is a re-do of

this one

  Another switcheroo...

Party of Three, 16 x 12, 
which is a crop and re-touch of 

this one

Yet more changes ....

During December, I have moved my home studio from the main level to the lower level - and wow, I should have done this years ago!  Light is streaming in - so much that I need to "manage" it, and I can easily do several paintings at once.  There's even room for small "intensives," i.e. little workshops -- chez moi.  

 Shiny New Space

Empty former studio, which was about 11 x 10; I truly
do not know how all of my stuff was in there, but it was --
for about 12 years!


The painting over fireplace is yet another re-do: it used to be 48 x 48; 
now it's cropped, re-stretched, with background adjusted.

Far off is a gift box on the set-up table - at least I can't see too many details :-) 
Also I could move my easel.

Meanwhile, a new year approaches, life changes, and I'm hoping to be flexible and to welcome things not yet known.  Painting offers a unique opportunity to rip it up and fly -- after all, it's just paint!

A tentative drawing...

can become a more confident painting

Fresh roses, bathed in light

 often become lovely when dry and drooping a bit ...

"Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish," Michelangelo