Friday, August 6, 2010

Going Big?

Champagne Breakfast, 12 x 12

Well, the small painting above turned out to be popular at the fun, festive, and very French Bastille Day celebration at Huff Harrington Fine Art, here in Atlanta.  That piece is 12 x 12, and sold quickly.  It was requested that I do a large version of this painting, which I had painted from a photo taken at Les Murets, the lovely Provence home of Ann and Bill Huff.  So, I started to go big - a 36 x 36 version; quickly I realized that I did not have enough information to make the image interesting in that large size -- at least to me.  Deciding to ditch the project after 2 good days of tinkering and lots of paint, I did two other pieces from Les Murets -- sized 24 x 24:

Salut!, 24 x 24

Wine Time? 24 x 24

Then I again began the 36 x 36, for some reason ( well, since a gallery patron requested it )!  I am still noodling it and not sure how it will turn out.  I am tired of painting from all of these photos,  certainly tired of tables, and am realizing the folly of painting to please others.  Not following my own muse, I surely have no way of knowing what it is someone else might like.  Oh well, I am looking forward to other things: painting with art friends on Monday, live model; then I'll set up something here in my studio.  Au revoir, la table!