Sunday, October 27, 2013

What It's All About

Little girl spotted near the carousel in Avignon

30 minute workshop demo (10/19/13) of la petite fille, 12 x 12

It's a bit new to be painting again... after traveling lots during the month of September, October has flown past with another trip, a great workshop, and getting (re) acclimated to my studio.  Wish I could just buzz in there and create good paintings, but I'm not sure right now that I know what that might be! My eye/taste/expectations are always shifting, which is good, but keeping up with painting commitments can be a challenge when I'm trying to keep up with myself.

As many know, all is put into perspective after reading Robert Genn's recent post on his illness (; I have been thinking often of his wonderful articulation of the painter's life, his consistency with the twice-weekly letters, and of the humble truth that he speaks.
I am re-committed to painting from my heart, rather than to deadlines...only those inspired pieces ever speak to me or to the viewer anyway!

I celebrate and so appreciate this journey.

Friday, October 4, 2013

L'Air du Provence

Corner of Les Murets, 6 x 6, Color study, late afternoon

Simple Color Notes, Les Murets, late afternoon

Color Study, Mt Ste Victoire, 6 x 6

Quick Gesture and Color Demo. Late Afternoon, Les Murets, 9 x 12

Something about Provence, a certain je ne sais quoi -- perhaps the dry air contains fairy dust -- produces an incredible synergy that lifted all spirits last week during our trip to Les Murets, Ann Huff's hilltop mas near Gordes that serves as our home base.

My words can not adequately describe the feelings that we (8 wise and amazing women, all painters, plus me) experienced as each day built upon the last.  I'm still pinching myself and holding the memories tight.

We enjoyed charming restaurant lunches, rose wine, outdoor dinners at home, walks, talks, market visits, a meeting with French artiste Andree Thobaty -- and we did actually paint along the way!

Our painting mission was to do color studies, and to focus on the large shapes; we were not concerned with  creating "completed" works.  Instead, the goal was to capture l'essence of this special place.

As so aptly put by designer Norma Kamali in a recent newspaper article: "If there were a description of what heaven looks like, I would say this [Provence] is it."  

Below are just a few shining examples of the fine studies done by my fellow travelers last week:    

Caseneuve Morning, 8 x 10, Mary Muir

Mt Sainte Victoire, 12 x 16, Suzy Dmetruk

Caseneuve Doorway,  12 x 9, Debbie Bruce

Caseneuve Vista, Ann Currey, 8 x 8
Color notes taken first are on the left!

Captured View,  Eygalieres, 10 x 8,  Dawn Douglas

Vineyard near Aix, 8 x 10,  Dianne Williams

Morning Light, Mt Sainte Victoire, 10 x 12,  Sandy Cox

Mt. Sainte Victoire, Color Notes on right, 8 x 10,  Martha Elder

I am flying high right now, despite a bit of jet lag -- such beautiful times with like-minded friends, seeing through the eyes of all of the artists who have traveled the path before us; for me, that's the magic of this art life...  Sante, mes amies!