Thursday, March 1, 2018

Easy Peasy

Oh, it seems so easy... Just Squint!

IF I can remember to do so, painting IS much easier!
Unbelievably, now that my work is more interpretive, I often forget to squint at the subject.
Michael and I just visited friends in FL whose home is dotted with my early work.  Tonight, he happened to mention how much more soulful my current work is in comparison -- yet the new pieces are far less detailed.
Squinting is an important key in making modern, less literal (but true) paintings.
Squinting also helps one to avoid TRYING TOO HARD, and to TRUST INSTINCTS.

Oh, it seems so easy...
But, as we have all figured out, nothing about creating successful paintings is easy, permanent, or fixed.  I guess that's what keeps us in the game:  the hunt, the experimentation, the search for the occasional successful "happy accident," the zinger!

My goal:  to achieve spontaneity and life -- through accurate, strong brushwork -- and to create simple, light-shot paintings.   Yikes!  Every now and then it works, which is life-affirming -- woohoo!

I'm teaching a cool workshop in Atlanta in May (11th and 12th), at the Atlanta Artists Center.  
We will play with different subjects, from life, and also a bit of photo interpretation.  
If you are interested in moving toward more free, personal, yet true work, 
call Zindi at AAC (404) 237-2324, ( to reserve a spot!