Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back from South Africa

Let's Dance, 12 x 12

We are back from our 2-week sojourn to South Africa... a magical and beautiful trip with my husband and some friends.   It was not a painting trip at all, but nonetheless a wonderful experience. 

I did the study above before we departed, another small addition to my offerings as part of a group show at Huff Harrington.  Titled "A Grand Affair," the show featured paintings priced at $1,000 or under.  I attended the opening last Friday evening, complete with jet-lag, and it was quite the event!!  Lots of people, lots of sales, and a fun vibe... people were glad to get original art at a great price.  Personally, I was glad to be home in one piece!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back in Action

Wishful Thinking 10 x 8

Well, the name of the painting above is an apt title for getting back in the swing of things after holiday fun!  I like to set up little arrangements to tune up my seeing after a break from the easel.  Below is a shot of the (very simple) set-up:

I eliminated the fourth leaf and just tried to get some paint quality going.  Time to re-learn an old lesson, namely, sometimes we forget how to paint ( at least I do! )  Remedy:  get back to painting from life, and use big brushes, just as one of my painting friends reminded me not long ago - don't forget the Big Brush Theory.  Oh, duh!  I need to take my own advice, as we are off and running into this new and exciting year.