Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Great Weekend!

Three Pear Demo, 12 x 12

Whew! I taught a 2-day workshop this weekend, now over, and it was so much fun!  I always get nervous ahead of time about doing a decent demo, keeping my thoughts straight, being able to say what I mean, and just connecting in general.  It went great -- it was an honor for me to have painters travel from Alabama, Florida and North Carolina, as well as from here in Georgia, of course - what a terrific and friendly group.  As usual, I'm pretty certain that I learned more than they did.  Above is a pear demo by me, and below is a study done by Kathy Broyles, from Atlanta, which is fresh and wonderful!  Coincidentally, she won the "lottery" for the demo above.  I am exhausted, but continue to be gratified that so many good painters want to spend some time with me as the teacher.

Check out this sensitive painting, same subject, different view:

Three Pears, 14 x 11, Kathy Broyles

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  1. Nancy, So happy to hear you are doing workshops. Do you have a schedule?